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Over the years online programs and marketing have gotten a little more complicated and competitive. You see a new program and how a Guru has made thousands, even millions of dollars marketing a program or idea that sucks you in to spending your hard earned money. And it's never just a little bit either. They get you with a technique called a "Sales Funnel". They give you just enough to where you buy something for cheap, even FREE, and then mask it with upsells and downsells. What should have just been  a $19 purchase just turned into $80-$100.

Here at Super-Ape, there is none of that hype and bull. We make sure the members who come through our doors are going to make money. Our club specializes in making money for the common/beginner marketer. And we never leave you hanging. If you can simply tell someone about our special bonus,"4 FREE Lifetime Upgrades" (worth $525) plus 12,000 credit ad pack ($60 Value) plus $20 total sign up bonus when they complete their one time $7 club registration, guess what? you get paid.  There are no hidden fees, no upsells, no downsells, no middle man, and no forced matrix. With this simple giveaway you will earn $5 per hour easy when you follow our exact blueprint for success. But first you must be a registered member in order to receive commissions. (free members do not earn commissions or get the 4 free lifetime upgrades worth $525 or the 12,000 free credits.)

Registration is a one time $7. (With all the FREE upgrades and bonuses you get, $7 is a steal).

When you complete the registration process you are automatically accepted as an affiliate and can earn a substantial amount of money just giving away FREE upgrades to new members. Details of our affiliate compensation plan is located in the pro members area once you have become a full (PRO) member. The Process is very simple.

  1. Click the Join Icon Below To Register.
  2. Pay the one time $7 registration at Super-APE
  3. Fill In Your Downline Builder
  4. Claim Your 4 FREE Lifetime Upgrades Located in your downline builder , "Traffic Resources" (must surf 50 pages to activate each account so you do not miss any sign up bonuses)
  5. Advertise Super-APE Splashes/swipes/banners
  6. Collect $5 payments over and over again
  7. Repeat Steps 5-7

That is all there is to it. We turn your Super-Ape account into a turbo slide of List Building, Viral Income and Unlimited Referrals that you don't even do a lot of work for. We have put together a simple system that automates your referral process once you have built your foundation. We also show you how to do that as well. This is what you get at SUPER APE:

  • Viral Income
  • Viral List Building
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Cash Tournaments
  • 1million Credit Tournament
  • Build Downlines in  multiple programs (50+)
  • Free 120 word Text to Speech Avatar
  • 50% off 2 minute or less explainor video for your websites or splash pages
  • bonus download area
  • Instant Fast Cash program
  • PayPal Busters - Automated Paypal Payments!
  • And Much, Much, More!

The amount of money you can make just giving away FREE lifetime upgrades is astronomical. You give away almost $600 worth of Free advertising in exchange for a one time $7 payment.

This is truly the best program ever. You do not have to take my word for it, here are a couple of our members expressing themselves after being a member of Super-APE for just a few short weeks:


 Janet and Tommie are just a couple of our many members that are all over the world, showing others how to earn up to $100 daily just giving away free upgrades.  It's simple math really. You give away the upgrades to 20 people, you make $100. Inside we show you our secret formula of how we double those numbers without you doing any extra work.

Come Join our team and collect your 4 FREE lifetime upgrades and 12,000 credit ad pack valued at nearly $600 when you complete your registration for a one time $7. (Paypal and Payza Accepted)







Disclaimer: The amounts shown in comp plan are for illustration purposes. Although we try to represent the actual results that will be made, it is still up to the capabilities, determination, and drive of each individual marketing these products as to what actual income will be made. We as the staff of super-ape.net will, in every effort, help each individual to achieve these goals.

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